How Early do i need to be for my appointment?

On your first visit try to be about 10 minutes early.  I will have a form for you to fill out that will help us better understand your needs in a treatment.

Future appointments, aim to arrive 5 minutes early. This will allow you time to remove your outerwear without rush.

When filling out my personal history do i have to reveal my personal health history?

NO, Only fill out what applies to your treatments.  If you have serious health concerns such as skin sensitivities, allergies, heart problems, or are currently under medical care it is best to inform me verbally  to prevent any complications during treatments.  Please remember that your file is kept confidential.

What types of payment do you take?

Cash, Debit tap, all credit cards, and email transfers

If I am running late will I still receive my treatment?

Yes, although it may be shortened to ensure it does interferre with the next appointment after yours.

How is the spa above health code standards?

It is important to us that your safety comes first.

-  only use metal implements or one-time use tools

-  Absolutely no double dipping with popsicle sticks

- Wax pots are kept visible to you at all times; including the discarding of popsicle sticks.

- one-time use tools are only opened once your service begins and are discarded directly after your treatment.

- Metal implements are scrubbed with hot soapy water, rinsed, dried and then submersed in a hospital grade disinfectant solution for 20 minutes.  Then rinsed again, dried and re-submersed in barbacide to ensure they are kept disinfected until ready for use.  

- floors and service areas are cleaned after each treatment

- new bedding after every treatment.

I can't find alternative care for my child, can he/she come?

Yes, this is a child friendly spa.  please view the Spa ettiquette for more information regarding your little ones. Click here

Can I purchase gift certificates?

ABSOLUTELY!!!!  You can even order them via phone and we can mail them to whomever you desire.  

Our gift certificates can be purchased as a specific treatment or moneitary amount.

sorry, there are no returns on Gift Certificates.

I received a gift certificate but I don't prefer that service, do I still have to do it?

NO, with our Gift Certificates you can use them for whatever treatment or product you desire.  If the final amount is more you just pay the difference and if the final amount is less then you will simply have a credit remaining on the card.

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